In de eenzame Corona tijden bracht Nathan Evans zijn versie van ‘The Wellerman’ uit op TikTok. Het duurde niet lang voordat iedereen er mee aan de haal ging en zijn eigen versie maakte. Inderdaad: Delightfully awesome.

Ik kon niet anders dan aansluiten in deze rij:

The Wellerman – an orchestral version

Starting small with a glockelspiel, a marimba, and some flutes playing the melody in octaves. A couple of basses playing roots and fifths to give it a nice swing.

Violins and celli playing the melody in octaves to make the melody thicker.

Bass trombes and trumpets alternating eachother in playing chords for an extra layer both beneath and on top of it all.

Horns (I like them!) for a powerful ending.

This time starting with oboes, playing the melody, one group playing staccato, the other one long notes. Harps doing big but soft arpeggios in two octaves.

Extra rithm by making the violins do pizzicato on the afterbeat for some of the notes in the melody in two octaves. Bassoons aiding the harps with small but darker arpeggios. Viloas doing fading in and out with chords.

Tenor trombones helping out the viloas with the chords for some extra power.
Clarinets picking up some of the notes in the melody like a third voice.

Tubas playing chords and timpani following the root notes, both for some extra dark and strong tones. And yes, of course the horns again (I really like them!), this time ending on a high note.

One more time, everything combined.